Getting Application credentials

You will need to reach out to DowJones to get your clientID, clientSecret and establish your callback URL. Once you have set these values, you can get to them by going to your Dow Jones Client Settings


npm install passport-dowjones
npm install express

For other related passport functionality, such as session management, please see the passport.js site. This example relies on the express-session npm package, but other session managers could be used in its place.


Take your credentials from the Dow Jones Client Settings section described above and initialize the strategy as follows:

var DowJonesStrategy = require('passport-dowjones'),
    passport = require('passport');

var strategy = new DowJonesStrategy({
   clientID:     'your-client-id',
   clientSecret: 'your-client-secret',
   callbackURL:  '/callback'
  function(accessToken, refreshToken, extraParams, profile, done) {
    // accessToken is the token to call oAuth API (not needed in the most cases)
    // extraParams.id_token has the JSON Web Token
    // profile has all the information from the user

    // next we'll grab the api token and store it as part of the session
    var apiToken = this.getDelegationToken(extraParams, 'pib') {
      if(err !== undefined) {
        return done(err);
      // store the apiToken in session
      session.apiToken = apiToken;

      return done(null, profile);



For this application, we support login and the callback interface. Passport supports other mechanisms to for remaining endpoints, but we will focus on login here.

First, create the login endpoint that

  passport.authenticate('dowjones', {connection: 'dj-piboauthv2'}));

Next, we'll create the callback interface that gets invoked after login completes. Note that we get an API token by calling delegate passing the references

  passport.authenticate('dowjones', { failureRedirect: '/login' }),
  function(req, res) {
    if (!req.user) {
      throw new Error('user null');


Alternate: Authenticating using OpenID/oAuth Requests

The DowJones Authentication API is built on OpenID and oAuth. Compatible libraries can be used to perform authentication. The call sequence for authentication is as follows:

DowJones Authentication Sequence Diagram

Calling the API

Complete example

A complete example of using this library here.


For more information about DowJones contact our documentation page.


Dow Jones


This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.