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NodeJS SDK for with the Tozny authentication service. Provides functions for making API calls to Tozny, and a Passport strategy for easily adding Tozny support to any Express app.


Passport is an authentication framework for Express. Using Passport, you can add Tozny support to your app by instantiating the Tozny strategy:

var passport = require('passport')
  , tozny    = require('tozny-auth');

var realm = new tozny.Realm(realmKeyId, realmSecret, apiUrl);
passport.use(new tozny.Strategy(realm));

Then create a login handler using passport:'/login',
  passport.authenticate('tozny', {
    successRedirect: '/',
    failureRedirect: '/login'

There are some more details required to get Passport fully set up. See examples/secretmessage/index.js for a documented, working example.

API Documentation

This library includes detailed documentation for API functions, generated from source file comments. The documentation is built using jsduck, which you will need to install.

Run the command:

npm run doc

Then view the documentation by opening doc/index.html.

Running the Tests

Install project dependencies:

npm install

Then run the tests:

npm test

Some of the tests included run against a live Tozny instance. To run those tests, it is necessary to set environment variables with credentials for making Tozny API requests. To run the complete test suite, set these environment variables:


The USER_ID variable may correspond to any user record in the given realm.